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West Texas sunrise near Fritch,TX
West Texas sunrise near Fritch,TX (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am an evangelist with more than 10 years of experience. After 7 years with the congregation in James (just outside of Center, Texas), I am looking for another congregation with which to work.

I have chosen to work with smaller congregations (fewer than 60 average attendance). I have a full-time telecommuting job which allows me to work with smaller congregations who cannot afford their own evangelist without the need to find outside support as long as I can find high-speed internet in town.

Why? Because there are far too many people who feel that working with a small congregation is a “stepping stone” to working with larger congregations. These fields thus tend to attract either very young, inexperienced preachers or older preachers who have “retired.” I see these as the whitest fields for harvest.

I grew up “in the church” out in west Texas. As a youth, I attended the Cuthbert and Austin Street congregation during the time in which Leon Odom and Roger Hendricks were the evangelists.

Please, feel free to have a look around at my articles and sample sermons. Otherwise, if you would like to talk to me, please feel free to fill out the form below:

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